5 Best White Abaya Designs Ideas

5 Best White Abaya Designs Ideas

There are several references to the use of appropriate color when it comes to Islamic clothing. In fact, the distinctive choice of clothing has been an integral part of the Islamic culture. However, the type of clothing selected in the Middle East countries was influenced by climate, culture, social and religious codes and life needs. Overall, the written instructions on the proper Muslim clothing, modest appearance, and adornment came through the Holy Quran. The mention of color white refers to the color of creation and water in paradise. It stands for the color of faith and is considered positive and pure.

There is no comparison to the Abayas and Hijabs as popular clothing in the Islamic culture. These outfits are gracious without a doubt, and they keep evolving and trending among the women in the Islamic world. Abayas are among those outfits which are rigid on values, yet they change as per the prevailing style quotient.

The need for white Abayas

The white color is considered the color of peace, harmony, and goodness. It is graceful for use as regular home wear, including prayer dress. They are also suitable for professional working women in the Islamic world. White, as a color, is a common choice and known for its elegance and brightness. The white color is also excellent for summer dresses as it has low heat absorbent. The latest white abaya designs confirm that this color never goes out of fashion. They come out well when matched contrastingly with colored Hijabs and other accessories.

Some popular Abaya designs

  1. White Abayas with a contrast of gold have always been popular among Muslim women in fashion. Because of its sheer elegance and refreshing effect, it is a must for formal occasions.
  1. The white kaftan style Abaya with front knots is quite popular and evergreen. It is mostly adorned with beautiful embroideries and comes along with borders and cuffs. They are usually designed in double shirt, and the neckline is v-shaped. This kaftans-styled White Abaya is apt for party and formal wear.
  1. As the name suggests, the white butterfly Abayas are designed for comfortable casual wear, like a butterfly. Their sleeves are attached to the fabric giving a more feminine look and a comfortable effect.
  1. The Maroon over coat style White Abaya are gorgeous and have a flowy effect. The white color combined with a contrasting overcoat can be a head-turner. They can also be adorned with gems and sequins to give a glittery look, and along with a shimmering contrasting Hijab.
  1. The ruffled Abaya is popular among the latest abaya trends. They have layers of ruffles on the sleeves and front, and with the flowy white look, they appear modest and graceful.


White-colored Abayas are versatile and make a style statement. The best thing is that it is one color which is suitable for various occasions like parties and weddings. The fancy embroidered Abayas look excellent when made in high-quality fabrics. Although the white color requires extra care for proper maintenance, it is also a must in one’s wardrobe.