Abaya Trends UAE for 2020

Abaya Trends in UAE for 2020

Abayas have always been considered as garments for modesty. But in the past few years, the apparel that was a sign of modesty is also getting fashionable. This is because new trends are evolving in the abaya world. Abayas come in all shapes, sizes, and designs these days. From embroidered party wears abayas to casual abaya daily wear, they are available for all occasions and pocket size. Some fashions stand out among many and in this blog, we shall see some of the latest fashions which are trending in the UAE market.

The casual ones

Though Abaya designs were always considered as a comfortable over garment, they have now started coming out more with stylish elements. For those day-to-day casual wear, despite the simple style and comfortable fabric, the fashionable styles have added value and are easily afforded by all sections of society. Moreover, one can get a wide range of abaya collections in this category online.

The coloured ones

In earlier days, abayas always came in the traditional black colour. But recently, they have started to come out in various colour shades. More colours have allowed women to experiment with their clothes colour and make a personal style statement on any occasion. The replacement of the dull black abaya has even induced many new entrants into the world of abayas.

The embroidered ones

When elegance is associated with abayas, embroideries add a distinct style and aura to it.  Designer abayas are quite popular with eye-catching embroideries that have become head turners in the abaya fashion world today. They have become a rage among the wearers as the abaya’s exquisite embroidery with contrasting colours has added a unique appeal to the dress and women are no more hesitant in pulling over this over garment- something which many people thought as regressive before.

The maternity abayas

It is a blessing for expecting mothers. Fashionable as well as comfortable, they come in all varieties. This new concept has added to the range of abayas available offline and online. Mothers now need not worry about wearing the normal size abayas during this period as compatible options and sizes are now available and one can buy abaya online easily without stepping out of the house during this period.

The evening wears

This is a perfect complement for party wear. Apart from being fashionable and trend setter, they also add grace and modesty to the wearer. This type of abaya comes in a gown design as well and are perfect fit for special occasions. In the UAE, they have also become a part of the bridal dress collection and complements the bride’s beauty.

The open ones

This open design is extremely popular in the UAE and especially in Dubai because of its modern looks and charm. The open abayas are similar to the Japanese kimonos and can be styled with different kinds of clothing. With bold and daunting looks coupled with eye-catching embroideries, this category of modern abayas is the one that stands out among the entire range.