3 Ways to look stylish with Latest Designer Abayas

3 Ways to look stylish with Latest Designer Abayas

An Abaya is defined as a simple loose over-garment worn by women especially in the Middle East countries and in some northern African countries. It is an Arabic word and simply means a “Cloak” in the English language.  This loose-fitting garment covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands. In the Middle Eastern countries, Abayas are worn only by Muslim women though, in some conservative countries like Saudi Arabia, female foreigner expat workers and family members who are non-Muslims also wear Abayas for cultural reasons.

Though the original concept of abayas was meant for protection and worn as a symbol of modesty, privacy, and morality, nowadays it has become a fashion trend among middle eastern women. In the earlier days, black abaya were in use.  This garment gave way to the concept of Burqa in the Indian subcontinent, which was always black in colour but it used to cover the entire body from head to toe including the face.

For people mostly from other cultures and countries, abaya for them meant a plain black dress. But for Muslim women, it holds a lot more significance in terms of its usage. It stands for modesty, femineity with fashion now a very much part of this single piece. This clothing was designed keeping in mind the hot and humid desert climate of the middle east but it is extremely comfortable to wear in all weathers.

The new generation has now ensured that innovative designs and colors goes well with the abayas. This has certainly been accepted by many women and that has given rise to the modern way with more Muslim women wearing stylish abayas today, thus keeping tradition and contemporary fashion go hand in hand.

There are many ways to look stylish when wearing an abaya. In this article, we will look at some of the abaya designs.

  1. When going for a night out, it is recommended to wear the Abaya over neutral outfits. The best option would be to wear your favorite color preferably bright in color so that it contrasts over a simple pair of trousers and a neutral cloud shirt.  An oversized necklace over the abaya adds style to the outfit. This combination works fine especially if it is a family gathering.
  2. If one is in a rush especially if there is an urgent errand, then wearing an open abaya over trousers helps to be comfortable, fashionable, and modest simultaneously. If the colours are combined right, then it can suit any place or occasion.
  3. Wearing a belt over the abaya can change the look of the entire outfit and can convert a dull piece of clothing into a fashionable outfit that can even be right for an occasion at some fancy restaurant. It is advisable to choose something that will pop out and could be a metallic colored one also.

Apart from self-innovating the use of abayas on various accessions, nowadays one can easily get Latest Designer Abayas that are suitable for all different occasions.