Trending Abaya Designs at MohabbatAbayas

Trending Abaya Designs at MohabbatAbayas

The Abaya is the ultimate Islamic attire for any Muslim woman and can be fashionably complimented with a hijab or a Niqab.  The Abaya gives a soft and humble appearance to the wearer and is appreciated by many cultures and societies for the modesty it evokes.  With the rapid strides made by the eCommerce business and the increasing trend among the new generation to shop online, garments like Abaya have shown tremendous potential worldwide with the mushrooming of abaya online shop.

What was once considered only as a Middle East dress with its offshoot, the burqa dominating the market in international destinations have shown its popularity everywhere especially in the Indian sub-continent, and Afghanistan. The opening of online shopping has created new markets for the abayas. Add to the latest styles and fashions which invaded this space, Islamic fashion caught the eyes of western fashion giants like Dolce and Gabbana.  They in addition to H&M, Mango among others launched their brand in the abaya and hijab segment for the middle east market.

Embellished designer abayas

Designer abayas are now the new fashion trend among modern Muslim women worldwide. The massive Indian sub-continent has become a huge market for abayas with its large Muslim population who have now got exposure to the trendy abayas, which is almost like a welcome change from the dull and regressive burka that was the norm earlier. Among the designer abayas, the embellished ones have become a craze for party goers who prefer to look modest yet stylish and trendy. This type of abayas is also hit among modern day brides and the high society women.

Embroidered Abayas

The shimmering and flashy abayas are now in the past. The new minimalistic effect is trending in fashion circles. When less is more, minimalistic designs have spread from normal clothing to abayas as well. With finely carved embroideries and stylish cuts, the Dubai abaya look gorgeous and stunning.

The latest trending styles in Dubai abayas

The typical Dubai abayas had embellishments, sequined works, and glittery stones earlier. Over the years, they have given way to fancy and trendy styles meant for the new generation. Add the millions of women who visit Mecca for hajj and require the use of abayas, the new styles and cuts are kept simplistic, yet exquisite. One can get abaya in Dubai in any retail store or shopping mall.  It is also seen that online shopping of abaya especially of the Dubai variety has increased manifold over the past few years.

Where to get the best Abayas?

If you are searching for an abaya in uae, there are plenty of Abaya boutiques and online stores that sell modern and fashionable abayas for all categories of female customers. The Abaya made in Dubai are famous for their style, prints, and embroideries and have customers from all over the world. Their aesthetically appealing designs provide a classier look to the wearer. If you want to Buy abaya online, then look for the best quality Dubai abayas at MohabbatAbayas, the store that brings a lot of styles and designs to choose from.