5 Tips to Choose Beautiful Modern Abayas

5 Tips to Choose Beautiful Modern Abayas

For many women, choosing the right abaya for any occasion is a bit of a task. Since it is an essential and irreplaceable part of their wardrobe, they need to be carefully chosen.

The classic abaya style

This style of abaya has always been the flowing garment of elegance and because of its comfort and style statement, many women from different cultures and religious backgrounds are preferring to wear them. The classic abaya has always been in black though nowadays women are experimental and thus designers are using colours of all shades. It is also known as Arab Traditional Dress, arab women wear in all festivals and occasions.

Abaya fabric is the basic

The fabric is the most important aspect of the abaya. If they are not comfortable enough to wear, then it is difficult to move around wearing them as an over-garment. Buying beautiful modern abayas online is easy as it gives one the option of many designs and colours but if the fabric is not what one had desired for then it is a total waste of money and effort.

One should be careful while selecting the fabric and should avoid synthetic material as they do not provide the natural fall. The ideal fabric for the winter and autumn season are woolen cashmere and cotton materials. For summer and spring, silk, chiffon, cotton, and linen are considered as the ideal materials.

Abayas for the summer season

Abaya has been an integral part of many women’s lifestyles in certain societies and it makes sense to be comfortable wearing them in all seasons. While the basic style remains the same all the time, some adaptions are necessary depending on the season. In summer, wearing abayas can be troublesome if the fabric is not breathable and comfortable to wear. One should avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester fabrics during summer. Instead, the best material of choice will be cotton or linen. The other aspect is to avoid wearing tight abaya and ensure that the fabric is light wear.

Abayas for the winter season

For winter and rainy seasons, certain things to the light are kept in mind. One should consider choosing one size bigger abaya than what one usually wears as this may be preceded by warm garments underneath.  Also, the length should be kept an inch shorter than summer abayas.  Considering the cold and windy weather, it is recommended to have buttons and zippers on the abaya. Also, a hood would help to cover the hijab during rain.  These customised abayas are easily available in online shops.

Abayas suitable for body types

Not only is the size of abayas important to give the right fit and exclusive fashionable looks but it should also suit the body type of the user. When buying an abaya, one should always go for the piece which is neither too tight nor oversized.  This is crucial because being an over-garment, it adds weight to the clothes worn and therefore one cannot afford to be uncomfortable. It is also important to wear only those shades which match one’s complexion. To be on the safe side, black is always preferred as it can complement any skin tone.