abaya guide to evening wear

The Mohabbat Abayas Guide to Elegant, Modest Evening Wear

With the lock-down restrictions lifted in many places now, many people now look forward to the prospect of normality by going out. This also provides an opportunity to get dressed and picking the perfect dress for the occasion has once again become to the most discussed topic. Whether it is a family get-together or dinner with office colleges or friends or even a trip to the shopping mall or supermarket, the idea is to dress stylishly yet modestly.

Going to the park or the supermarket, a casual dressing will suffice. If one is looking for modest dresses to keep one cool during the coming warm days, then wearing abayas which are light colored, loose-fitting fabric finished with delicate floral detailing on the sleeves would be the ideal option.

Dress for dinners with friends

Getting together with friends after lock-down, one feels like glamming up for the occasion sure one will find plenty of amazing modern abaya designs to choose from. For that sophisticated and timeless look, you cannot go wrong with a classic black abaya. One can go full-on luxury with the royal black open abayas with embroideries, and make a style statement. If one wants to make an event out of the dinner with friends then dressing up in an elegant islamic gown is sure to turn heads. Adding the luxury silk hijab and the clutch bag is a sure way to make or rather initiate a fashion trend among the group.

Abaya Online Shopping after lock-down

When one is ready to move out and shop for the latest abaya designs, practicality and comfort should be taken into consideration. This does not mean that one can’t look classy. Modest and elegant abayas and hijabs are understated yet beautiful. One can complement with accessories like a handbag and a comfortable jersey fabric hijab of matching skin tone giving that perfect smart and casual combination for that shopping experience after a long gap. It is a good idea to experiment a bit. You can consider wearing clothes with different combinations as many women would find getting back to normal life and that means shopping being one of them, with mixed emotions. One can also buy abaya online from some of the top online abaya shops in UAE.

Charity and shopping can go hand in hand

For many getting back to the new normal after the lock down, it is best if one de-clutters the old abaya collections. It is always helpful to give them to many people who suffered financially during the lock-down. This is also an opportunity for reorganizing one’s wardrobe and priorities and at the same time being helpful to many underprivileged women for whom abayas and hijab may be a necessity rather than a luxury. As abayas and Hijab do have a religious undertone, it gives more reasons and responsibilities for privileged adults to indulge in charity.  The joys of giving will double the satisfaction when one gets the Latest abaya in UAE 

With a lot more attractive options, it is time to shop for the latest range of modest dressing that is just the right outfit post lock down world.