Tips For Choosing The Perfect Abaya Material

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Abaya Material

The abaya is the most commonly worn outfit by women and is specific in certain societies. It is used from daily casual wear to formal workplace and for evening party outings.  While there has been plenty of innovations on this outfit when it comes to trending fashions, some basics still remain the same.  The abayas fabric is the most important aspect of the outfit as comfort encompasses every other detail that might be pleasing to the eye.

It is important that while selecting an abaya, apart from the design and looks, the material should be ideal to be worn for the weather conditions. After all, this is an extra piece of clothing that is loose and flowing in nature. They need to be light and comfortable at all times.

Here is a checklist of fabrics which is most prevalent for Abayas.

  • Cotton is the preferred fabric for abayas. This is because abayas originated from the Middle Eastern countries where the desert climate is hot and humid. This fabric is most comfortable for the summer season and gives a perfect flow to the loose abaya gown. When it comes to the hijab which is worn along with the abaya, cotton is the most comfortable fabric to go with it. Some of the latest abaya designs that are a combination of the abaya and hijab are made from cotton.
  • Linen is another fabric that is ideal for summer abayas. This cloth is made from a flax plantation that is thicker than cotton but equally comfortable and is more durable. Due to its heat absorption properties, it is the best fabric for abayas.
  • Nida fabrics which are made from polyester are the perfect material for abayas. They have a soft texture along with a good sheen.  This material also gives a good fall to the flowing abayas and can be dry cleaned and washed in the washing machine. Because of its soft and light nature, it is also worn in summer despite the polyester material.
  • Chiffon Abayas are the best suitable for evening party wear. Their luxurious and translucent looks add grace and fashion to the wearer. Though chiffon is made from polyester it is ideal to wear for special occasions.
  • Other fabrics are similar in properties such as satin, georgette, and silk. They are luxurious and stunning in looks. However, georgette is slightly heavier than chiffon, more translucent, and generally used for sarees in the Indian sub-continent. Silk and Satin abayas are seen as a status symbol and worn mainly in cocktail parties and evening gets together. Among all the fabrics, silk is considered the most expensive and top-quality fabric for abayas.

The above materials provide a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing fabric material for abayas. They also provide the option for suitable wear depending on which season one is using them.  Though some materials can be used for all times, there is clear demarcation when it comes to summer and winter modern abaya wears.